ICARO Homelift

ICARO is a convenient and cost-effective platform designed to provide access to any type of architectural context.
ICARO stands out for very little pit and headroom encumbrance, thus allowing to save on shaft masonry work.

Why install ICARO

Cost effective





Simple to install


ICARO, given the extreme simplicity of its structure, guarantees for top reliability at all time while using the system. In case of temporary power feed interruption, it provides for a safe and effective system to supply enough energy to the whole device and ensure the completely safe descent of the cabin, with the lights normally on.


ICARO can easily fit both in new buildings as well as existing facilities. Besides being installed in a regular shaft, it also comes with a range of metal shafts to be installed either inside or outside of the building it is meant for.


ICARO customises the cabin according to individual needs, requirements and taste. Indeed, besides the plastic-coated metal sheet standard range, alternative finishes are also available, such as plastic sheet, satin, polished or scratch-proof stainless steel also in a range of colours.

Optional accessories

ICARO features additional accessories including cabin mirrors, panoramic walls, folding seat, handrail, LED lighting, motorised device for landing door opening and closing and other cataloguer optional. In addition, the cabin may come with a dialler and telephone connection.


ICARO is a safe product, type approved in accordance with the Machine Directive (EC marking). The safety of lifting platforms is regulated by Legislative Decree no. 17 of 27 January 2010, in enforcement of European Directive 2006/42/EC, as well as by EN 81.41.