General information and references to the regulations in force

Profile design and dimensioning system in accordance with EN 1090 – CE product certification;

already assembled couplings are located every 3 meters on uprights to facilitate mutual junction, on the side, the same couplings (located at a distance of 1.5 meters from each other) serve as stiffening devices;

guide brackets equipped with adjusting counter-brackets are included and already welded on cross-bars. For MRL systems, Halfen type profiles are previously welded on the inside of cross-bars;

the assembly system includes high strength, class 8.8 6 S bolting that simplifies assembly and reduces installation time;

provisions for glasses (screws / sheet metal) are already fitted on our shafts (no metal shaft type Sigma);
on entrance sides, cross-bars above doors can slide to allow the installer to carry out all necessary settings;
the thickness of cross-bars in our shafts ranges from max 60/53 mm (up to capacities of 630 kg) to min 30 mm!
in case of outdoor installation, shafts includes hot-dip galvanized sheet metal profiles, which are coated by using thermosetting polyester powders (any colour is available with the exception of metallescent ones). The use of hot-dip galvanized sheet metal – which is characterized by a zinc layer thicker than the electro-galvanized sheet metal one (e.g. 15 / 17 microns vs. 2 / 5 microns, respectively) – and subsequent coating with polyester powders (suitable for outdoor use) ensure a high degree of protection against weathering;

in case of outdoor shafts covered with stainless steel sheet, 316 type steel is used instead of 304, as more resistant to oxidation.

all welding is carried out based on a certified system (EN ISO 3834-3)

packing is carried out with particular care




As far as glass is concerned, laminated glass with a pvb thickness of 0.76 should be suitable specifications which refer to UNI 81-1/2.


MRL Electrical Systems

For this typology of systems, a metal frame of suitable typology and thickness is assembled, dimensioned according to the lift maintenance engineer’s specifications and pre-set for 1 or more couplings.

However, out highly qualified and competent technical office may develop and propose, upon request, particular aesthetic and dimensional solutions for an absolutely customizable product.