Our structures can be painted with the RAL classic K7 color range

RAL Classic is a collection of 213 colors. Of which 188 are basic colors, 2 are micaceous iron colors, 5 are bright colors and 15 other colors are pearlescent.

RAL Classic colors have a 4-digit number in combination with the letters ‘RAL’ (eg RAL 1028). The first digit is a system of numeric code (1: yellow, 2: orange, 3: red, 4: purple, 5: blue, 6: green, 7: gray, 8: brown and 9: black and white). The other 3 digits are chosen sequentially. The name of a color tone (eg ‘Yellow melon’ for RAL 1028) is an auxiliary designation. For a clear identification of a color you should use color and figure to avoid mistakes in the transposition of the figures.

The correspondence between the monitor colors and the colors of the real colors is optimized.

However, monitor colors can change a lot depending on the hardware used